We have contemplated getting an Oar Board and SUP for some time, but COVID-19 provided the push in 2020. My husband and I decided this was the year to step back and work on rowing basics, plus do something different with our rowing, which is what this setup has done. 

First, we can pack them up and take them anywhere the pickup can go. You will not get the run of a racing single — so get over that right away. However, what is interesting is the riggers are attached to the footstretchers and the seat is stationary. This gets you to rock over and really focus on engaging the legs at the catch like you are supposed to do in the first place.  We are finding these boats are a great cross-training tool.


Second, we are finding the whole experience a ton of fun! I grew up on a farm in North Dakota about five miles from a small lake adjacent to a wildlife refuge.  We always talked about what an experience it would be to row on Buffalo Lake, and the Oar Board + SUP allowed us to do just that. Check that one off the bucket list!


We are looking forward to more great cross-training and more unique outdoor experiences. 

Paula Leier-Engelhardt‎‎
Oar Board SUP Rowing Community