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WaterRower® Rowing Machine

Now Row All Year in Canada

At Whitehall we’re passionate about rowing and how we can improve the year-round rowing experience for Canadians. Unlike the west coast of British Columbia where we are based, in most of Canada rowing on the water is a seasonal activity.

To get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your Whitehall boat or Oar Board®, logically it is a good idea to keep fit year round so that when the weather does improve, you’ve not lost your strength, muscle tone, cardio fitness, or callouses from not rowing.

Because of this, we have been looking at stationary rowing machines… wondering.

We are now proud to announce that we are Canadian resellers for the WaterRower® stationary rowing machine. Because the basis for the resistance on the WaterRower is water, the WaterRower® reproduces the feel of rowing a boat unlike any other stationary rower.

Starting at $1,649.00

(includes shipping anywhere in Canada)

WaterRower® Natural Model

About the WaterRower®

  • WaterRower® is crafted from premium materials including select replenishable hardwood.

  • Its unique WaterFlywheel quietly simulates the dynamics of a slide seat rowing boat:

    • Instant resistance using a specially designed paddle to cup the moving water.

    • No jerking or jarring associated with conventional rowing machines – only a smooth even load which is kind to the body and relaxing to the mind.

    • Even stroke spreads the work more evenly over the muscle groups, optimizing exercise benefit while reducing the risk of injury.

WaterRower® Club Model

  • User-friendly ergonomic features include:

    • Adjustable footrests.

    • Comfortable seat.

    • Soft, easy-grip handle.

  • Built with dolly wheels to transport with ease and stores upright in a small space no bigger than a chair when not in use.

WaterRower rowing machine logo, Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Contact us for complete pricing (including delivery to your home or cottage) and models to choose from.

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