We here at Oar Board® Rower thought it was about time we put all the fascinating information about the Oar Board® in one place so you can get to know the ins and outs of this amazing invention.

Owner Harold Aune and the design team at Whitehall Rowing and Sail along with sales manager Diana Lesieur, (star of our Oar Board® Rower informational video), created the Oar Board® 5 years ago in 2013. After a year of refining and testing, the Oar Board® was ready for the world. It has since shipped globally to over 50 countries.


Diana herself has done an impressive amount of international travel with her Oar Board® and inflatable SUP including such enviable destinations as Lake Como, Italy, Belize, and Hawaii. The portability of the Oar Board® and our inflatable SUPs has allowed her to do demos, shoot videos and test out the Oar Board® in all different kinds of water conditions. Not to mention all the amazing people she has been able to meet along the way!



The reason that Oar Board® has proved so popular with seasoned rowers and novices alike, is that it allows rowing in almost any location and condition, including the open ocean. Even professional rowers such as Adam Kreek, Gold Medal Olympic Rower for Canada has taken to the Oar Board® like a duck to water!


Those who are new to rowing have found it an easy sport to take up thanks to our ‘How to Row’ videos that we have posted on our website and across our social media channels. These step by step videos by practiced rowing instructors Andrea and Diana are a simple and easy-to-follow way to make sure you are mastering the basics and safe while out on the water. The sliding rigger allows both legs to move together making it quick and easy to learn the sculling row stroke.


The Oar Board® Rower can attach to any paddleboard over 10 feet or 3 meters long and works just as well on a fiberglass board or an inflatable model. By attaching the Oar Board®, you can turn any paddleboard into a performance sculling boat. The sliding rigger design varies from a traditional sculling boat in that rather than having your feet fixed and your body moving, the Oar Board® keeps the rower’s weight centered so the ride is smooth, with no hobby horsing from jolted movement.


Attaching the Oar Board® to a SUP is super easy. We provide you with a thin strap that fastens all the way around the board with a stainless steel buckle that holds it all in place. Securing the Oar Board® to your SUP only takes a few minutes, and it is just as easy to remove!


To make this simple process even easier, we have created 3 of our own specially designed Oar Board® paddleboards; the Fitness Row 12′, Adventure Row 13’.4, and Adventure Row 16’ which can be used as a double or a single. All of our own boards are inflatable and have been designed with special deck rings for attaching the Oar Board®. These rings make strapping the Oar Board® on to the board even easier and even eliminate the very small amount of drag from the strap being in the water. We chose to make our own SUPs inflatable for several reasons. To start with, they are extremely tough and can bump into things with no damage, unlike their fiberglass counterparts. Secondly, they are super convenient! They deflate down and can be rolled up to fit into their own special backpack complete with wheels. This makes traveling and managing our inflatable SUPs easy.


The Oar Board® itself also travels well. It is super light and breaks down quickly. The main carriage comes right off and the outriggers are detachable and fold up, this is how we are able to ship it out so concisely and it also means that it can fit right into the optional Travel Bag. This makes our inflatable Oar Board® paddleboard and the Oar Board® a perfect combination. They can travel easily as well as fit easily into your apartment, cottage, or boat!


We have several videos on our website and social media channels showing you how you can set up your Oar Board® as well as attach it to your SUP, be it standard hardboard, inflatable board or our own Fitness and Adventure Row inflatable SUPs.

One thing rowing does require is a pair of sculling oars. Any pair of standard 9’6” sculling oars will work so if you already own a pair you are set! In the interest of convenience of course, we supply our own custom made 2 part oars, which were designed especially for the Oar Board®. Our 2 part oars are made out of Carbon Fibre so they are very stiff, come apart by pressing the two buttons in on the middle of the shaft, and they snap back together the same way! There is also a handy bag to keep your oars all together and easy to handle AND the bag fits right into the Oar Board® travel bag so everything is in one convenient place. The Travel Bag is so well designed that Diana has been able to travel all over the world with her Oar Board® and SUP along with her as luggage.


We have a full line of accessories available on the website along with the Oar Board® Rower units, the SUPs, and the Oar Board® and SUP combinations which include all the basic gear you need to get you out on the water.


Interested? We ship worldwide by courier and postal service. You can contact us by phone, online chat, or email and orders can be placed online or over the phone. From all of us here at Whitehall Rowing and Sail and on behalf of the Oar Board®, we look forward to helping you get rowing on your favorite river, lake, or ocean!

Have a look at the full Oar Board® informational video above!