Fitness instructors say that the indoor rowing machine is the best exercise equipment found in a modern gym. The new Oar Board® rower unit from Whitehall Rowing & Sail offers identical fitness benefits to anyone who attaches one to a paddle board and more, it and gets you out there rowing on the water building core strength and muscle while breathing fresh, clean air.


The Oar Board® rowing unit fits onto almost any standup paddle board (SUP), to instantly convert it into a smooth, fast and stable sculling boat that keeps a person fit and relaxed. It’s stable enough for novices and responsive enough for accomplished rowers to enjoy. Gold medal Olympian Adam Kreek says: “I love my Oar Board®. It’s fun, it’s fast and I get a super workout.”


Rowing with an Oar Board® is similar to rowing a stationary rowing machine at the gym except you hold a pair of ultra light carbon fiber oar handles, one in each hand, while you push out with both legs. The power of your legs is transferred to the oar blades that grip the water. The oars work as giant levers moving the paddle board quickly and efficiently.


Rowing an Oar Board™ offers the same the calorie burn as running, with no stress on the knees, joints or connective tissues so it’s perfect for cross-training or even serving as a complete exercise program. Rowing on a lake, river or the ocean, where there is more motion involved, recruits more secondary muscles and enhances the exercise gains. Steering, adjusting your stroke and keeping a lookout ahead bring both stretching and mental attunement into the picture.


Designed by Harold Aune, founder of Whitehall Rowing & Sail and builder of the world’s best all water rowing boats since 1987, the Oar Board® rower is now being rowed in over 42 countries. It is available for purchase online at or at a select number of dealers located worldwide.