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I love my Oar Board! It’s fun, it’s fast and I get a super workout.

Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist
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The Oar Board sets up great, is easy to row, easy to transport and best of all it has gotten me out rowing again after taking 6 years off. I love being on the water and thanks to the Oar Board I have an easy to maintain, easy to row solution for allowing me to enjoy rows along the river again. Great product!
Michael Davern

I rowed in college up in Boston. Now, 3 decades later, I wanted to get back into it for exercise and meditation.

I looked at sculls–both used and new. I could find nothing in the range of this setup ($2500), especially that could be delivered to my home. Furthermore, traditional sculls subjected to the winds, wakes, washes prevalent on the Bay (I live on the Chesapeake Bay) would quickly swamp a regular scull. From my recollection on the Charles River in Boston, single scull rowers had to be wary even in moderate chop.

So, on to my experience… The SUP shown in the videos is a 12’6″ model (I have the same). It is a displacement hull and VERY stable. The whole unit, with the Oar Board attachment, is somewhere in the range of ~50 lbs or so. The oars are high quality Dreher brand. As an older guy, I feel very safe on this unit. I also wear a kayak-style PFD (around the waist–CO2 inflate or manual inflate). Very maneuverable this way.

I have been out in 10 knot winds and in Bay chop. No issues. No instability (unlike a regular scull). I can lift both oars out of the water and be hit by chop without feeling any instability. Again, I am an older guy so this is important to me.

As far as exercise goes, this unit is great. Wonderful workout. I can row for miles and the unit is FAST–very fast.

So, that’s my experience as an owner, former rower, and an older man 50+ years of age.”

Thank You!

John Z., Maryland, USA - Oar Board® Owner
What a fantastic company!!! Diana is a great rowing instructor! Highly recommend you check them out!
Jenifer Marchant
I love it!!!! So much fun! It’s really getting back into shape!!
Tammy Saunders
The Oar Board is absolutely amazing. Love, love, love it! I can be back doing the sport I love and rowing wherever and whenever I want with the Oar Board. The design is so simple and easy to set up and use, plus it’s great for storage.
Amanda Farnsworth
An excellent way to break into rowing without breaking the bank. Well made equipment that will keep you rowing for years.
Dan Moon
After the invention of the slide seat row mechanism and the popularization of Stand Up Paddling, this was the next step. And elegantly executed too. Kudos to you Harold.
Khaja Ahmed
Can’t wait to get mine… and start rowing around the Keys.
Kim Shoemaker-Kamradt
I love the Oar Board; really do not want winter to come!
Victoria Bailey
Fantastic design.
Shengjian Shao
I received my Oar Board SUP Rowing kit for my 60th birthday two weeks ago. It is the best thing I have ever owned. I am able to launch, row and return by myself without needing a partner or safety launch. I can’t wait for the cooler weather and the rougher water that often keeps our club rowers off the water. I hope to row year round.
Ellen S. in Keyport, Washington
The whole family is now a fan, and both my husband (who also rows) as well as my 5 1/2 year old twins fit on it so we can all go on a water trip together!!
Mascha Frank
Having owned and rowed a single scull, it took me a few minutes to get used to the roll riggers. But once I got the hang of it, it was really great and I was moving along at a pretty good clip. The whole setup is incredibly maneuverable and very enjoyable. I am very happy to have bought an Oar Board! It’s well made and worth every penny. Now I look forward to rowing it often and just as importantly, to take along on our camping vacations all over Europe.
Peter Stöckli

Just tried the Oar Board for the first time. I chose to pair it with a Pau Hana Crossfit touring board (12’6″) and honestly, if I closed my eyes, I could not tell that I was not in a rowing shell. It was actually difficult to tell that it was not the seat that was sliding, but rather the outrigger/foot stretcher.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical after assembling everything in my living room and feeling how loose the sliding mechanism fit when positioned in the track. On the water, I was stunned with how smoothly and fluidly it felt. Who needs stupid bearings and wheels anyway?!!

Thanks so much.

Ken B., Florida, USA - Oar Board® Owner
I have not forgotten you, my life has changed and revolves around my Oar Board. I’ve passed 18 months and just set my all-time speed record for my twice-weekly course. I am fit! Never even one ache or pain resulting from exertion, always taking my resting HR from 70 to above 150! It is a miracle device!

I am truly blessed when I am back home at 9 AM having my coffee. I am on top of the world and all set for a great day which always follows. What a life-changer. Oh, did I mention the maintenance fee? How much do alarm clock batteries cost per year?… Ya, that’s about it!

I thank you and Chris Crowley.

Note: Chris Crowley wrote the NY Times bestseller “Younger Next Year” in which he states, “There is no better exercise in the world than rowing a single scull… it exercises your whole body while it immerses you in a rhythm and takes you to places that are good for your soul.” John purchased his Oar Board® and SUP after reading his book and also because it is light weight and easier to take to the lake atop his 72 VW Bug!

John S., Mountain View, California, USA - Oar Board® Owner
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