CHEK Upside: Victoria rowboat business sees record year amidst pandemic

Aune and his business partner Marie Hutchinson co-founded Whitehall Rowing and Sail in 1987. Like most businesses in 2020, the boat building company planned for the worst. But amidst the pandemic came an unexpected stroke of good fortune. At 70-years-old, Harold Aune isn’t slowing down. “Don’t tell yourself how old you are, and you’re fine,” [...]

Oar Board™ SUP Rower Promo 2016

An overall view of the Oar Board™ SUP Rower in action in both flat water and waves and on a variety of paddle boards. This unit enables almost any paddle board to be instantly converted into a high performance sculling boat. The Oar Board™ is rapidly growing in popularity and is now in use in [...]

Oar Board™ Ogden Point Wind & Waves

A commonly asked question is "How does the Oar Board™ handle in wind and waves? In this short clip Julian Subda rows his Oar Board™ out in some water that features short 3' to 5' waves and about 15 knots of wind. Julian loved it and especially the major amount of control that he had [...]


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