Rowing the double Adventure Row 16’ SUP from Pachena Bay to Keeha Bay was a spur of the moment plan. My friend Sarah and I had been in training mode to row the West Coast Trail. Due to time constraints and weather conditions, that trip was put on hold. We decided to row a shorter route – with the goal of rowing the West Coast Trail next summer.


Keeha Bay was suggested to me by friends and came with rave reviews. Sarah was thrilled with the plan!


Rowing with the Oar Board® Rowers on the inflatable double 16’ Adventure Row SUP made it possible to launch anywhere and to load three days of camping gear and food on deck. Since we had such generous deck space, we also brought along a fishing rod and a crab trap. The rod and trap proved to be essential in catching our dinner each evening!


Friends and family went ahead and hiked the three-hour trip into Keeha Bay. The trailhead is a short drive from Pachena Bay where they saw us off. Sarah and I rowed out to the Bay, to Keeha, on the double 16’ Adventure Row SUP.


Heading out on the calm waters, and the natural, rustic beauty of Pachena Bay was amazing. Seeing the rocks and caves along the shoreline, made us excited to make the return trip and do more exploring.



In total, the trip was 14 nautical miles. We spent three nights camping with family and friends, who joined us in Keeha Bay by hiking the 6km. The bonus was having Keeha Bay and its gorgeous 2km long beach to ourselves!


It was an amazing wilderness experience – enjoying the bounty of crab and shellfish from the ocean. Being able to row out to the island in the bay, and enjoying some beach-combing, and launching in some pretty wild surf, made this trip an adventure to remember.

I’m left with one thought: ‘When do we go back and do it all again?!’



Beautiful Keeha Bay.


Spending the night camping at Keeha Bay.


Diana and Sarah out on the water with the double Adventure Row 16’ SUP Combo (inflatable stand up paddle board and two Oar Board® Rowers).