I went for a morning row with my friend and business coaching client, Tim. He’s outdoorsy and athletic, but has not done very much rowing before now. We launched our Oar Boards from Second Beach in Vancouver, BC.

Since this is November, the air was nice and crisp. A few early morning strollers watched as we set up our boards and launched through the small waves that were rolling in.

One man was excited about the equipment and took a few pictures with his phone. Another was watching from afar with his DSLR. I asked if I could share their photos with you, and they agreed. Some of the pictures you see are from them!

Early morning, just at sunrise is my favorite time to row. The light is extra special, and I always feel exhilarated and energetically aligned for the day.

As we rowed out into the vast expanse of English Bay, the fleet of container ships at anchor drew closer and closer. The sheer size of these steel behemoths made both Tim and I feel very small as we rowed around the massive hulls.

Why doesn’t James Bond have an Oar Board?

Finally, we headed back across the bay to our launch spot and landed on the sandy beach passing smoothly through the light chop. Soon we had the boards and rowing gear packed up and stowed in the car which ended another terrific Oar Board adventure.

Tim loved the experience. “Why doesn’t James Bond have an Oar Board?” he said. “Why didn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger have one of these boats in the movie Commando?” The Oar Board wasn’t invented in the 80s, but it’s here now! Tim felt the work in his hips and legs that night and knew that this fun challenge had made him fitter, too.

Oh yes, I love rowing and exploring new waters, checking out some new sights and sharing this sport with friends.