Row Your Board
Paddling to Rowing in 5 Minutes

Lightweight and portable so perfect for travel, unique sliding rigger system, and adjustable to fit everyone. The Oar Board® is designed and built to last for years in salt or fresh water! The Oar Board® is ideal for beginners or experienced rowers, club training, family fun, especially fitness and exercise training.

You also need a pair of lightweight sculling oars. The two-part carbon sculls available from us, are balanced, stiff, and much easier to handle when transporting than a standard pair of 9’6″ long sculling oars.

This custom designed wheelie bag holds your Oar Board®, two part sculling oars, and standup paddle. It’s the ultimate in convenience for transporting all your gear. It’s a wheelie setup so you don’t have to carry it, just roll it along.

Oar Board® Rower

The Oar Board® straps onto any paddleboard 10′ or longer in under five minutes, turning it into a performance sculling boat. It comes complete ready for setting up on your paddboard.

Adjustable to Fit Everyone

If you require a paddleboard to go with your Oar Board®, see our line of Fitness Row and Adventure Row inflatable paddleboards.