Here’s an update on Oar Board® Ambassador Michael Rawlings who was written up in one of our earlier blog posts.

Michael is a Marine Veteran who lives in Minnesota. He established a personal challenge he called ‘Rowing for Veterans’.

Victories for Veterans is an online event held all across America to raise funds. Incorporating and ‘Rowing for Veterans’ was his personal contribution.


His goal to raise money to help his fellow veterans has been a huge inspiration to us and to many others!

We are proud to have such a dedicated and selfless Ambassador and thrilled by his achievements and his ongoing work assisting Veterans who are in need.

Michael’s love affair with the Oar Board® began in 2017. An avid swimmer and rower since college, he saw right away that rowing the Oar Board® has very low impact on the body and would provide a great full body work out. Michael combined his search for ways to help veterans, with his appreciation for the Oar Board®’s adaptability, and entered ‘Victories for Veterans’ in May 2018.


Michael rowed his Oar Board® 10 miles a day during the challenge itself with his personal fundraising for the event raising over $3,000 USD. An awesome achievement!

For more details see this link:

His participation in the Victories for Veterans was recently featured on the DAV website:


For the full article, please visit this page:

Rowing toward a better life for veterans

We’re proud to say that Michael Rawlings is not only a respected Oar Board Ambassador, he has also become a great friend.


Thank you for your service Michael!