Oar Board® Fitness Row 12’ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP)

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The Fitness Row 12 is optimized for your full fitness needs on the water. It offers extra stability for paddlers, rowers or yoga lovers and accommodates individuals of any weight and size. It features our unique specially designed 2″ deck strap rings that make mounting or removing an Oar Board® way easier.

Standup paddling especially works the core muscles. It’s great for those calm days. It’s simple to learn and fun to do and this board is excellent under paddle power. It tracks well, handles well and is smooth through the water. It carries up to 400 lbs. on deck.

Rowing offers stability and power. Wind and waves are more easily managed. Rowing is known as the best cross training sport available because it utilizes all the body's major muscle groups in an evenly balanced low impact action. Because you use both legs together, your largest most powerful muscles, to power the stroke, you go faster, further, easier, and cut right through wind and waves.

Yoga offers added flexibility and focus. Doing yoga while floating fires your trigger muscles and increases the benefits. The popularity of paddleboard yoga makes this board an all around winner.

The Fitness Row 12 makes all three activities, paddling, rowing and yoga accessible, portable, and possible.

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Board Length: 12 feet (365.76 cm)
Board Width: 34 inches (86.36 cm)
Board Thickness: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Volume: 282 liters
Board Weight: 30 lbs (13.61 kg)
Deck 15cm Drop-stitch Fabric
Top/Bottom Reinforced : 0.52 mm/1000D Reinforced PVC
Color: Light Green/Black
Outer Side Wall: 0.9 mm/1000D Reinforced PVC Fabric
Deck Traction: Embossed grooved EVA memory foam deck pad

*Price includes board only and Backpack with Wheels and a Pump.
** Oar Board® Adjustable Length Carbon Fiber Standup Paddle not included. Add Paddle to Cart Here

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