All over the world, Oar Board® owners are enjoying the outdoors and getting a great work out, however, some are taking things a step further and using their boards to make a difference. Take Michael Rawlings, Michael is an Oar Board® Ambassador from Crosby Minnesota who is currently using his Oar Board® to raise 5000 dollars (USD) with Victories for Veterans.

Victories for Veterans is in accordance with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and Military Appreciation month which runs throughout May in the USA. It is a sponsored challenge that allows participants to set and achieve a physical goal, be it running, walking, riding, rolling and thanks to Michael of course, Oarboarding. In order to raise funds for DAV, Michael has challenged himself to row 100 miles on his Oar Board® and has set himself a fundraising target of $5000.


Michael has been rowing since his college days and began Oarboarding in July of 2017. The Oar Board® has since become Michaels go to choice to get on the water because of its ability to work with adaptive rowing. Being the first Oar Board® Rower to participate in this event, the donation site has had to be slightly adapted, to put it simply, anywhere the site says he walked, he rowed! This isn’t the only event in which Michael is an Oar Board® pioneer, he will also be the first Oar Board® Rower to participate in the Cuyuna Off-Road Triathlon. Michael will take the Oar Board® for the paddle portion of the race while teammates tackle the running and mountain biking.


The physical challenge for Victories for Veterans comes to a close May 31st but the donations are open until June 15th. If you would like to donate and help Michael reach his goal of helping DAV you can do so here. We have made our contribution!


We are extremely proud of Michael and thrilled to have him on board as an Oar Board® Ambassador. If you find yourself in Crosby Minnesota and want to give the Oar Board® a try, let Michael know. You can see a full list of Ambassadors here.