Follow along with the Oar Board® Team as they head off to Italy to race in the Vogalonga, a beloved regatta held annually in the city of Venice. On June 9th, 2019, this 30km paddling and rowing race through the city of Venice, including the Grand Canal, and the lagoon up to Burano, will see participation by a diverse selection of rowed or paddled boats. There are usually well over two thousands different types of boats, and other rowing and paddling watercraft in the race.

Vogalonga Regatta, Venice, Italy

The Vogalonga is not a competitive race and there are no winners. All participants are issued a diploma of participation. It’s all about being there! And Oar Board® is taking their innovative inflatable paddle boards and rowing equipment with them as checked luggage on the plane!

Whitehall Rowing and Sail Co-Owner Harold Aune, Oar Board® Sales Manager Diana Lesieur, along with Sarah Thornber and Mike Garnett, will row two Double Oar Board® 16 foot Adventure Stand Up Paddle Board Combos in this historic sporting event; the Vogalona Regatta is a colourful, enjoyable ride for participants and spectators from around the world.


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Vogalonga Regatta, Venice, Italy