• Do not over tighten buckle – too much tension will produce an indent or print in some SUP surfaces. Release the buckle’s tension or remove the Oar Board® unit from the SUP when not in use to prevent SUP surface printing.
  • Do make sure your foot stretcher pad pins are pushed down all the way into the correct hole before rowing to ensure they don’t slip out.
  • Keep Oar Board® tracks clean and free from sand, mud, or crusted salt to prevent abrasion of the track.
  • Make sure your Oar Board® is equidistant from the sides on the SUP on all four corners before rowing (it might slip slightly off center while carrying to the water). Handy tip: once you’re satisfied you have the ideal spot determined for your board, making some marks or adding some stickers to the board at the four corners of the unit helps.
  • Gaskets: Once your weight is on the unit the added pressure on the four neoprene gaskets located on the bottom of each corner keep the unit in its centered position. Remember to replace any gaskets that come off before using your Oar Board® unit.
  • Do not use your Oar Board® rigger arms to pull the SUP up out of the water. Instead remove the outrigger carriage from the board first, then use the Oar Board® seat base to grab onto and lift or carry the board.
  • Hose salt water off all surfaces after each use to help keep your Oar Board® unit pristine and prevent salt build up.


Oar Board® User Manual PDF

Attaching the Oar Board® Rower to an Adventure/Fitness Row SUP
with Diana

Amye Setting Up the Oar Board®
on the Inflatable 12’ Fitness Row Paddle Board