Well the heatwave kicked in in full effect this week and we took it as the perfect opportunity to slip out of the office for a quick trip to the beach!


This time we brought Dawson Mork with us. Dawson is an extremely accomplished young rower who has been excelling in sculling competitions for years (keep your eye on him folks!). Dawson has been working in our shop over the summer and we thought it was about time we got him out and rowing the Oar Board®.


The weather was stunning if a little windy and it created some nice swells further out in the bay. Dawson was pretty excited about how the Oar Board® handles the waves, as he is normally not able to be out in any kind of swell in a rowing shell. After a few strokes he had fully adjusted to the sliding rigger, as the motion of the stroke is identical to that of the sliding seat. He flew around the bay, taking turns on both Adventure Row 16’ as a single and the Adventure Row 13’4 as well.


It was a pretty stunning day at our nearly tropical filming location and we were even lucky enough to have a spectator! A baby harbour seal stopped by to see what all the fuss was about, although he may have just been hoping we were his mother coming back with supper.


While competitive rowing is still a firm focus of Dawson’s, it is safe to say that the easy fun and top notch workout of the Oar Board® has earned a place in his heart! All in all a great day out on the water! Watch the full video below: