We’re excited to introduce our newest Oar Board® Ambassador! Meet Ronnie Ayres, based in Pennsylvania.

Ronnie spends time rowing at two different locations: Philadelphia, PA and West Wildwood, NJ.

He can be found cruising the waterways at both places – interested locals can contact him and set up at time to catch him in your area.

“I absolutely love it!” Ronnie states in his review. “I go out on the river and all the saltwater bays, sounds and ocean. Extremely stable, fast and the best craft for fitness I have ever been on. The portability and all-water capability has changed the game for me. An extra bonus is plenty of capacity for your pups.”


We think Ronnie’s review covers important basics about the Oar Board® regarding its’ stability, speed, portability and its’ capacity for enjoying a row with your dog.

Ronnie Ayres spent last weekend manning a booth at the 49th Head of the Schuylkill Regatta where rowers crowded around to see the Oar Board® for the first time.

This event has grown hugely, with more than 8,900 athletes participating! A premier Regatta held in what is considered the home of American Rowing, it bills itself as one of the most challenging and unforgettable rowing courses.


Be sure to reach out to Ronnie if you’re near his two rowing locations!

Ronnie Ayres
Oar Board® Ambassador
West Wildwood, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Email boynsea@gmail.com
Phone 808-866-2772