Hi, I’m Diana Lesieur and I’ve been involved with the Oar Board® Rower since day one! I was out on the water testing it before it even had a name and before it even had a sliding rigger and still had a sliding seat.

At the time I was working for Whitehall Rowing and Sail, a Victoria based rowboat manufacturing company that’s owned by Harold Aune and Marie Hutchinson who I’d known for years.

At this point I had no idea that when Harold developed the Oar Board® that it would become as popular as it has, change my life, and become an entire career.

The Oar Board® name came about one time when Harold, Colin Rolls, our production manager, and I were standing on our test dock tossing ideas around and I blurted it out. Our paddle board rowing rig finally had a name, and I got to name it!

I have been a Sales and Marketing Manager for the Oar Board for over 3 years and it has become my full time career. It’s had its own website for almost 4 years. This year I am thrilled to have sold to a customer located in our 41st country. I’m travelling, attending and setting up shows, and rowing in places I never dreamed of having the opportunity to see!

The development of the Oar Board® has not only been exciting, it has also been a huge learning curve for me personally. It has given me a venue to merge my love for fitness and the outdoors into a rewarding career.