I‘ve been an all water rower since I was six years old when I started rowing and sculling with my mother. I just love being out on the water. I often go paddling on my mom’s SUP and sometimes I get to row her Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14 rowboat that she keeps on the beach right outside our house. It’s absolutely the best, living next to the water.


Easily convert the inflatable Fitness Row and Adventure Row SUPs from a rower to a stand up paddle board.

Living close to the water has really been a great thing as I can get out rowing and paddling pretty much all year long. Here in Victoria, British Columbia the water hardly ever freezes and there’s lots of calm weather that’s perfect for rowing with the Oar Board.


My mom is an all water rowing instructor for the Whitehall Spirit Rowing Club and she is also a licensed captain. She works aboard whale watching boats based here in Victoria. She’s been a really great influence in my life and she loves to see me out on the water staying fit and having fun.


I often work for Whitehall Rowing & Sail, who build all water rowing boats as well as the Oar Board® Rower and the Fitness Row 12 SUP. You can see me paddling and rowing in some of their marketing videos on Facebook and on the OarBoard.com website.


I really love showing people how easy and fun it is to row on a paddle board with the Oar Board® Rower and also how you can get out rowing or paddling almost anywhere with no hassles.


Row to your destination and then the Oar Board Rower can easily be removed from your inflatable Fitness Row or Adventure Row SUP for some stand up paddle board fun.

I plan on being an adventure guide after graduation, mainly touring with water sports equipment. Showing people from all around the world how amazing it is to experience adventure and fitness on the water.





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