How To Order Oar Board® Ambassador Business Cards

Log into the Oar Board® VistaPrint Pro Printing Shop using the link that was provided to you in your invitation email.

Once you have logged in, click on the Business Card image under Business Essentials.


Under Quantity, select 100 (units), unless it is already selected as the default amount for you.

Then click the Next button.


Begin filling in your name, location, phone number, and email address.

You will see the sample card begin to show your information that you type into the fields.


Confirm that your information is correct for the FRONT of your business card.

Then click the Next: Continue Design button.


Cut-and-paste your unique Oar Board® Ambassador url into the Link field.

Your unique Oar Board® Ambassador url was provided in your invitation email.

Confirm that your url is correct for the BACK of your business card, as it is shown in the sample.

Then, click the Next: Review Design button.


Confirm that the information for the FRONT and BACK of your business cards is correct.

Click to select the round Radio Button for ‘One time purchase’ under Reorder Options.

Click to select the Tick Box to agree that, ‘I have reviewed and approve my design’.

Then, click the Add To Cart button.


Confirm again that everything looks good to you, that the front of the business card design has your name and other info on it correctly and that the Quantity is set to 100.

Then, click the Checkout button.


Now, click the ‘+ Add New Address’ button on the left of the screen.


Type your name, contact information, and your Shipping Address into each applicable field.

This information will not affect the design of your business card.

This should be the address where you would like your new Oar Board® Ambassador Business Cards sent to you.


Confirm that all of your information is correct.

Then, click the Save button.


Confirm that the ‘Ship To’ address is correct.

Under Payment, the radio button for “Use Company Credit Card’ should already be selected for you.

This order will be of no charge to you. The Oar Board® Ambassador Program is providing this order of 100 Oar Board® Ambassador Business Cards to you free of charge as a bonus for participating in the Oar Board® Ambassador Program.

Now, click the ‘Place Order’ button.


Your order has now been placed with Vistaprint and your new cards should arrive to you within 5 business days.

Please contact Diana at Oar Board® if you have any further questions.