Who doesn’t love Summer? Summer means being outside, near the water, enjoying your life. So why let it end? With the Oar Board® you can enjoy the water all year long.

We are not suggesting that your Oar Board® will make 5 degrees feel like 30 but there are plenty of beautiful days in Autumn, Winter, and Spring that it would be a shame to waste them.


Rowing truly can be a year round sport and there is no reason to give it up when the weather starts to turn. The Oar Board® is very stable and a little extra time on your board can give you the skills and confidence you need to carry on when wind and waves show up. Plus getting out on the water will keep you fit in the winter and keep your lungs full of fresh air.


Does the water tend to freeze over where you like to row? Hey, we get it, the Oar Board® is designed and built in Canada remember. Not to worry, that is why we designed it to be so portable! When you have had enough of the snow and ice you can simply pack up your Oar Board® and start chasing down some Vitamin D. Plus for those of you lucky enough to live in truly temperate or even tropical parts of the world, the summer truly is endless!


Summer is a state of mind, don’t let dropping temperatures cool your love of rowing. Now bundle up, and hit the water!