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Become an Oar Board® Ambassador

Earn Free Credits

Ambassadors are Oar Board® owners who love their Oar Board® Rowers and are happy to talk to, or are willing to offer their gear for a short demo to potential new buyers.


Earn a 20% credit for new gear, accessories, or even a complete combo setup just like Jessica Breznau did in Seattle, Washington, USA. Jessica earned a complete Adventure Row 13.4 Combo Package in just one summer.

Once a potential buyer purchases an Oar Board® product you earn a 20% credit based on the final amount of the sale less shipping and applicable taxes.

The best part is that there is no selling or deal-making done by you as the Ambassador. All sales details are handled by us.

You can be listed on the website Ambassador page and may be contacted directly by any interested parties. Also, sales staff at Oar Board® may provide your contact information to someone in your area.

If you, as an owner, want to register as an Oar Board® Ambassador contact or and we will send you the link to the sign-up form.

We look forward to hearing from you!