It’s a mighty long paddle board! It’s like having two or more boards in one that makes the Adventure Row 16′ SUP so great. And it’s an inflatable so it’s lightweight, portable and tough. It carries up to 475 lbs on deck.

Couples and friends who like to paddle or row with their partner or friend can have it all with this single Adventure Row SUP. Or explore your local waters alone by paddle and oars. Flying to exotic locations to explore is also an option with this inflatable board. This model has so much potential to do different things it’s hard to imagine them all. Double paddle, single paddle, double scull or single scull, family board or expedition model it’s all do-able.

In expedition mode camping gear, clothing and supplies can be strapped to the foredeck cargo rings with your Oar Board® rower set up ready to row in the rear position and, this is the best part, you still have space on deck to stand up and paddle without changing anything.

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