Imagine you are off exploring unknown waters, you have along your camping gear, clothes and food all packed in dry bags lashed to the foredeck. Nicely strapped on the back deck is your Oar Board® and scull blades. You are standing tall surveying the domain while paddling along. You realize there’s still a few extra miles to go so un-strap the Oar Board® unit and move it forward into the rowing position, sitting down you break out your 9’5″ scull oars and begin to seriously cover some distance.

This is the world’s first sculling paddle board. Very cool!

The Adventure Row 13’4″ model is unique in the SUP world. It’s a cruiser and explorer. It carries up to 475 lbs on deck. It’s both a sculling boat and a standup paddleboard. Plus it’s an inflatable so it’s portable and tough.

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