If you ask people the best way to stay fit and keep relaxed, a good number of them will say Yoga, the rest will tell you to be by the water, paddling, rowing, swimming or just breathing it all in. Luckily, some forward thinking individual combined these two relaxation and fitness passions into SUP Yoga as demonstrated here by Mandy Ross.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding or SUPing has really taken the aquatic sporting world by storm, appealing to every age, ability, and experience. Its universal appeal comes from the very basic technique needed to master it (basically the ability to not fall in or be willing to hop back up if you do) and the incredible workout it provides targeting your mid-back, shoulders, arms, and abs.


Yoga is renowned worldwide for its health benefits, both physical and mental as it provides an amazing workout and for many is also a spiritual practice.

SUP Yoga is an incredible way to stay in shape, combining the benefits of yoga with the additional challenge of increased balance and the joys of being in an arguably more beautiful setting than a yoga studio.


The SUP acts as your mat and allows you its full length for your floor-based poses such as Monkey and Pigeon poses which both provide incredible hip openers and stretches for your quads and hamstrings while engaging your core and back muscles.

The board’s stability allows you to get some height when doing poses such as Upward Facing or Downward Facing Dog. These poses have incredible benefits including elongating and relieving tension from the spine, improving posture, strengthening your arms, shoulders, wrists, hands and calves, improving digestion and can even help reduce headaches, fatigue, back pain and insomnia. Being on the water means that the increased balance needed is just enough to give your arms, core and glutes an increased workout.


The width of the board means you are able to do seated poses facing forward as you would on a mat, such as the seated Eagle pose you can see here. SUPs range in size but those suitable to SUP Yoga provide enough space and easy storage for your paddle so you have a way back to shore after your session. In the full video below you can see how easy the Fitness 12 Oar Board SUP is to handle (even from Monkey Pose!) and how easy the paddle is to store mid-workout.

So you have all summer to get out on the water and start work on mastering the King Cobra Pose – perfect for strengthening and toning leg muscles while stretching the quads and hip flexors!


If you are looking to up your Yoga game or are looking for a new way to enjoy some time on the water, look no further!

Check out our full video of ‘12 Yoga Positions on a Stand Up Paddle Board’ below.


Lifestyle article by Emma Webber for Oar Board®

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